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M.M Oosthuizen art class 29 June 2024

July 05, 2024 2 min read

Have you ever watched an artist at work and felt a spark of inspiration ignite within you? That's the experience awaiting you in Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen's master art class.

We are excited to share the journey we had on the 29th of June 2024.
It all started on a sunny Saturday morning. From the moment Maria picked up her brush, the class knew they were in for something special. Her approach to teaching is as unique as her art. One of Maria's most captivating techniques is her method of mixing skin tones, hair strokes and her colours she use on her paintings. With a palette that captures the essence of life, she guides the class through blending colours to achieve a perfect, lifelike tone. It’s not just about painting it's about connecting your heart and thought to your brush, giving every brushstroke emotion and life, to really connect with your senses and become one.
As the class progressed, Maria introduced shadows and highlights. With each stroke of her palette knife, she brought depth and dimension to everyone's work. Flat surfaces came alive, hair and body gained character, and the sand and ocean came alive.
The most remarkable aspect of Maria's class was witnessing the creative breakthroughs. Many of the students arrived with doubts, but under Maria's nurturing guidance, they quickly notice that art is free, art is relaxing, art is about making mistakes. A fellow student, convinced she "couldn't draw a straight line," created a canvas so beautiful. Another, student hesitant with color. There weren't just improvements in technique; there were shifts in confidence and self-expression.

Maria's ability to respond intuitively to each student set her apart. Despite having no formal training,her advice left the class in awe; you could hear their amazement as she unveiled her techniques.This created an atmosphere of creative freedom.They have learned to trust their instincts and let the brush dance in harmony with their inner vision.

As the class ended, the room was filled with accomplishment and joy. Each artwork was an unique expression of its creator. Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen's art class was more than a painting lesson – it was a journey of self-discovery, a celebration of creativity, and an invitation to explore.