October 18, 2017

As everyone following us on Facebook already know we had a big giveaway earlier this week to say thank you. We want to thank you even more for all the support and encouragement you give to Maria and her team. 

Therefor we're going to give you 25% off all our A3 Paper Prints and 15% off all our Canvas Prints. This is a big one! This is also a great opportunity to get started on some early Christmas shopping as Christmas is upon us again. 

Our A3 Paper Print Collection consists of a big selection of Maria's artwork. Here you have a choice between almost 300 prints with themes ranging from farm and beach to spiritual scenes. You could spend hours browsing through all of these. 

Any of Maria's artworks can be ordered on our A1 and A2 Canvas Prints. This is your chance to order that one all time favorite Maria that you've always wanted, the one that speaks to you no matter how many times you look at it, the one that will remind you of something special. 

To activate the 25% discount on A3 Paper Prints use the code A3PRINTS25 and for the 15% on the Canvas Prints you can use the code CANVAS15. This offer does not apply to wholesale clients. Offer ends 1 November 2017.

We are lucky to have a following like you guys and we hope to bring you much more to look forward to in the future.


With Love 

The House of Maria Team

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