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During our 2024 Lucky Draw you will stand a chance to win a Canvas Print up to 1200 x 800 worth R10 200.

The Entries are only applicable from 15 April 2024 - 02 May 2024.

For ever R1 500 that you spend, you will gain an entry to the Lucky Draw.

  • Purchasing Gift Cards does count toward the final sum for an entry.
  • Redeeming a Gift Card does not count toward the final sum for an entry.
  • Entries are per totals, not necessarily per order. If your order total is R3 000, it will be counted as 2 Entries toward the Lucky Draw

The winner will be announced within 2 Weeks of the Entry Close Date for the Lucky Draw.

  • The winner can choose any canvas image from our selection
  • The winner can choose any canvas size below (and including) 1200 x 800.