M07172 Enamel met rose (A)


"Enamel met rose (A)"

Beautiful still life artwork of flowers in an enamel pot.

Original Artwork Size: 500mm wide x 400mm high.


Shipping terms:

The original artwork and canvas prints are shipped from South Africa, so please allow approximately 2 weeks of shipping time to another country.


 If the shipping address is outside South Africa, it will be shipped  unstretched in a tube. 


Available Options:

1. Original Fine Art Painting

This is the one and only Original Artwork, meticulously created by Maria.  Painted with the highest quality Acrylic mediums unto a stretched cotton canvas.  The size of the artwork is 500mm wide x 400mm high.


2. A3 sized art print by Maria.  Measuring 29,6cm x 41,8cm lovingly wrapped and protected by white corex board.  High quality colour print and paper.


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