M5BLX13103 - Alabaster fles - Maria Blox

A5 Sized Printed Block

Are paper & canvas prints too boring for you?

...looking for a stunning gift for that special someone,
a unique way to showcase some of Maria’s finest artworks?

At House Of Maria, we offer you the unique opportunity to 
own one of Maria’s artworks on wood, adding a truly original 
touch to your home or office. Maria Blox allow you to 
showcase your favorite Maria artworks in an innovative 
way that is both captivating and sophisticated.

The Maria Blox is a unique wooden canvas that presents 
some of Maria’s most beautiful paintings ingrained in wood. 
Wood prints are the newest wave of art that involves the 
intricate science of printing photos on wood with complete 
precision, vibrancy, and durability. 
You have got to see Maria Blox in person!

Made from Medium-density Fiberboard, coated with an 
off-White Satin Acrylic paint. Maria’s Original fine art images 
is then printed unto the surface of the Blox using the latest 
UV Printing technology. 
Each Maria Blox is Branded at the back, for authenticity reasons.

Recommended framing solution: Display as is! Maria Blox are easy to hang, 
since the back of the Blox is open ended and rests easily on any picture hook!

Dimensions: 23mm x 150mm x 210mm

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