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The Meaning of Art - Part 1

March 31, 2024 3 min read


Art possesses an enchanting aura of emotion. Within every corner lies meaning, and within every inch resides a message. We found it fitting to share with all of you the meaning and messages behind a few of Maria's works, to give you a glimpse into the mind of an artist. Remember, even though the original pieces are sold, you can purchase a high quality Canvas Print of these images or view available Original Art. So here you go, the magnificent artworks and their descriptions, coming from Maria herself.

The Meaning Of Maria's Work


"Sienna is an earth colour, a yellowish brown. I get my ideas from colours and this is where most of my paintings originate from. Sienna reminds me of old photos and the yellow for light, joy and life. As we grow older it gradually becomes more difficult to hold on  to your dreams. Just like an old photo, the dream was there once, but as time goes by we get more suspicious of other people and this makes it harder to" keep dreaming and living your dream. God created us to dream and plan until we get to our final destination; never give up. We are not old photos, we might come from it, but we are moving forward, hopefully towards His light where there are dreams and infinite joy."


Amber Dreams
"I never knew I would love painting ships till I did the first one. I did so as ships are mentioned so many times in scripture. This one comes to mind: James 3:4, and look at the ships. Even though they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they still directed by a very small rudder whenever the impulse of the helmsman determines.

I am not a good swimmer so it is scary for me to be surrounded by only water, but it reminds me that following Him is also scary. A sailing ship needs the wind to move as I need to move only where and when God wants me to. The ship reminds me that I am the vessel that God uses to bring change in the world and therefore the wind signifies His voice. In this painting the colour amber shows energy just as I need energy to walk in His faith with amber dreams."


"In lockdown I was overwhelmed by caring for everyone around me and for the first time I wanted nothing more than taking a trip overseas. When I saw this photo I had to paint it. It felt like I can only pass the little gate and enter a place of peace where I can be alone and rejuvenate. A place where I can feel is presence and be whole to have something to give."


You are a force to be reckoned with
"I learned that I am altruistic and doubtful, sometimes to my own detriment. I criticize myself, take the responsibility for everyone around me and feel down most of the time. Then the Lord said to me: “My child you are a force to be reckoned with.” Stunned I ask him what this means and he replied: “My truth is your truth; My word is your sword. You may doubt, but doubt towards faith; you may feel down, but I am always within you and that makes you a force to be reckoned with. I am greater within you than your mind, body and anything on this earth."


To Higher Heights
"The purity of children’s dreams is tremendous, just like the little boy flying a makeshift aeroplane. This purity draws me to be like a child and believe that I can do all things through Jesus Christ that gives me strength. You cannot walk to this place, you have to trust the wind and fly.  It brings me to trust in the Holy Spirit without seeing it and I can grow to higher heights."


The meaning of art is always up for interpretation, but knowing the intention behind an art piece makes it even more impactful.

Keep your eyes on Maria's new Original Artworks to find a piece that speaks directly to you! We also have a special Coffee Table Book from Maria explaining the meaning of many more of her artworks.

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