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The Meaning of Art - Part 2

April 30, 2024 3 min read


Welcome back to our journey through the captivating world of artistry. In this second installment, we continue our exploration into the profound depths of Maria's creations. Each stroke of her brush holds a story waiting to be discovered. Join us once again as we delve deeper into the realm of artistic expression, guided by Maria's own insights and reflections. Prepare to be immersed in the beauty and intrigue of her works.

The Meaning Of Maria's Work


"In 2012 there were so many galleries needing art, more than what I could provide. Instantly I found myself anxious and overwhelmed. My first thought was praying and as I did, a picture of a table in a field came to mind. I immediately started creating and whilst reading Psalm 23 again, I realized that God provides, I had to let Him take the lead as He would not leave or forsake me. With the peace He gave me I could now create, while He led me to a quiet place. I painted without fear of what tomorrow brings."


"There is no God and me; there is no life apart from Him. He is part of me; He is within me. We do not walk alone, He holds my legs and my mind is not my own. His ways are better than my ways, like a dance. Wisdom is all I need. I am part of my King; I am His hands and feet on earth. When I ask He gives me insight and strength to walk His path. All I have to do is hold on tight and He will lead me."


"This is God’s provision; He provides food for our soul like the apple and peace as the water. He does all this in abundance with the Jaguar. It might not always be what we see; as we tend to only see things we want and not that He truly provides what we need. He gives us enough to grow and let our souls prosper."


"Here it is again, the water and boat. My friend, Jesus is by my side wherever I go. Here I have the paddle and I am in control of my ship. I choose to go forward, always towards the light."


"When I heard this song in church, it touched me deeply. The next day I listened to it over and over and then I saw what happens when I walk with my Savior; my sins get washed away like the red at the bottom. As the young beautiful women dressed in white I looked different, the light shined over me and I was peaceful, clean and pure. I could breath, laugh and have the joy He gives. I donated this painting to my church in Mossel bay with believe that everyone who passes it will see what I saw."


As we conclude our exploration into Maria's world of artistry in this Blog Series, we leave with a deeper appreciation for the boundless realms of creativity. Each piece, with its unique narrative and symbolism, has enriched our understanding of the artist's vision. As we reflect on the journey through these masterpieces, we are reminded that the beauty of art lies not only in its visual allure but also in the stories it conveys.
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