About Us

The House of Maria was born long before it arrived on the waves of grace in the little coastal town of Mossel Bay.
Doors opened in 2007 and the creative bursting of life was celebrated under the huge shady tree on the corner of Marsh street and move to an exciting new location at 25 Marsh Street in March of 2015.

The House of Maria consists of a dedicated team who gives life to Maria’s art, designs and clothing projects. The company is headed by Francois Oosthuizen, whose business expertise and financial direction is leading Maria’s vision into the future – making them a power couple designated to see God’s purpose and calling fulfilled in everything they do.

As a company, House of Maria has a story to tell, a story of love and grace and goodness – a story not about themselves, or the people who work for them – but God’s story as it shines through their hearts and is caught on canvas, or in the colour of a dress, or a message in a bottle.
It is their vision to embrace life and turn a head to again glance hopingly at the future – at the possibility of a resurrected dream.
It is their honor to strive for excellence and professional service.

Whether you invest in an awesome piece of hand painted art or just lovingly buy an original print, gift or garment – you can be sure that much care went into each piece and it was ‘Maria Guaranteed.’
Maria’s clothing line under the designers’ label ‘Maria’s Closet’ was a natural by-product of her creativity and personal attire. As her artwork became increasingly popular, so did her public image, resulting in various inquiries regarding her unique sense of style.

Today she is well known and nicknamed, ‘South Africa’s artist of the People.’ This prompted her to make her personal style, public property by founding Maria’s Closet – fashion that combines her individual colour palette, sense of balance and couture design.
House of Maria is not merely a corporate business or a velvety Gallery - it is a home to each visitor, a piece of heart to each buyer, a place where you are remembered and where you feel appreciated – whether you buy or just sit with a beautiful cup of coffee...
drinking in the stories on the wall.

House of Maria – a Welcome to all!



Maria's Family



From left: Sulet, Cindy, Leatitia, Hannelie, Lidia, Terliana (absent)



And when we're not working....


...We are still Awesome!!!